Sunday, June 26, 2011


Greetings & Salutations to All!
I am sorry not to have posted a lot lately.  Been having a bit of the Monster lately.  I suppose it is hormonal or it is the lack of schooling going on or it is my job which is sucky and overwhelming lately.  I don't know what it is but I don't like to dwell on it or write about it too often.  But it is a part of me, you know?  All is not sunshine and lolipops in GeeezLand.
This weekend my sister and I took a few days off-- which I will story tell tomorrow when I have a chance to download some pictures.   It was lovely but it also gave me some time to reflect on what is not working in my life and so I plan to make some changes.
I am going to make my spiritual life a priority.  I have let that slip.  I know better than that.
I am going to go back to the doctor and push for her to give me a real checkup.  I went a month ago and she was very cursory and said things looked fine.  THings are not fine.  And if she doesn't listen and give me some honest feedback I will change to a different doctor.   I am going to start working again at getting in better physical shape.  I do not enjoy this.  But I will try.  Again.  A friend has recomended some holistic things and I will go to our local health store and try to figure out what to get. That in itself could be an entertaining trip.  The last time I was there I was getting some vegan treats (can you say 'oxymoron'?) for a friends going away party.  I felt like I had traveled into a foreign country where I did not know the language and for which my legs were far too well shaved.  However, I will try.  My menu selections are going to center around veggies as the entree with small sides of meat and grains.  I will drink water.  I will get some sort of exercise. 
OKay there, I got it out.  I will look for something funny tomorrow.


ltlrags said...

I am always amazed that even in the face of the monster, you can still come up with a line about your legs being too well shaved. Take a look at the new "food plate" (aka: food pyramid). It sounds just like what you're describing as your new meal plan.

critterlover said...

I'm so proud of you for venturing in to the unknown land that is the health food store. Now, I must tell you missy - I SHAVE MY LEGS - AND MY ARMPITS, I'll have you know. :-)