Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monica's New Haircut

It is the end of an era, people.
Back in 1980 my sister figured out that she liked the floofy bangs that kinda made a small tsunami on her forehead and she has been wearing the same hair style ever since.
Seeing my amazing new haircut inspired her to get hers cut the other day too.
And update the bangs
Malley would give it TWO THUMBS UP if only he had thumbs to give
Regardless everyone loves her new hair-do

Doesn't She Look Terrific!!   YAY!!!

So to celebrate our combined awesome-ness my sister and I leave tomorrow afternoon for an adventure in Ventura
An AdVenture
That is right, I said it.  AdVentur(a)
We are going to make the most of our 3 days and try to make them feel like 3 weeks.
We are staying in a Bed and Breakfast that is a converted Victorian church.
Our itinerary includes:
Flaming Goat Cheese at the Greek Restaurant in the Harbor Village
Wedge Salad at the Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza
(do you see a theme here?)
Going to see The Green Lantern
 (Because Monica is in love with Ryan Reynolds- she even has a poster of him in her room.  That is true I swear!)
Lots of sitting on the beach contemplating our lives
Hopefully sleeping in past 6:30am.

It will be lovely.
Of course you will receive a full report!!!
(PS  Just in case you think the house will be empty, it won't.  We have several adult house sitters plus all the critters to guard the place!)


ltlrags said...

Yep, the hair looks great. Couldn't talk her out of the bangs, huh? And didn't you blog about the flaming goat cheese and the wedge salad before. It's like deja vu.

critterlover said...

It does look great!