Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just Another Example of My Questionable Judgement

Remember how one of my 'goals' for 2015 is to have more fun?  ('Member That?')(Who know what show that is from?  Current show....)

It may be possible that I have done a teeeny weeensy bit of regression....
Or maybe it is just a bit of Mid Life Rebellion
Call it what you may.  Tell me what you think!

Monday I am over at the Oral Surgeon's office where they are taking another round of x-rays of my Incredible Erupting & Splitting Wisdom teeth.
Here is the exchange:

Tech:  Okay we are going to put you in that head vise over there and once I have stepped away where it is safe I am going to push a button and the arms of the machine are going  to press so hard against your temples that your eyeballs pop out and roll around on the floor to ever so gently cradle your head in position so we can take a panoramic picture of your whole entire mouth as well as the back of your head.
Me:  Ummmm okay?
Tech:  First you need to take everything out of your mouth
Me:  (spitting out my chewing tobacco, a big double wad of Bubblicious, couple of rubber bands, a hamster, my tongue, some paper clips, a spit wad I was saving for when I got back to my office and some toe nails (not saying who's))
Tech:  And you will need to take off your earrings.
Me:  My earrings?
Tech:  Yes, your earrings.
Me:  ALL of them?
Tech:  How many ways do I have to explain that you need to take out all your earrings or they will heat up until your ear lobes catch fire and make your brain boil like a saucepan of oatmeal?
Me:  (Whining) But I just got my ears pierced.  Again.  Do I have to take the new ones out?
Tech:  Seriously?
(At this point I feel like I should pause to confess that I recently got my ears pierced.  Again.  So that makes 6 piercings.  Buahahhhwahhh... NOT IN BOTH EARS!  How crazy is that.... After 3 they are cartilage piercings.  I checked.  I have 3 in each ear.  That is right I AM a bad ass)
Me:  (Insert mental picture of Puss In Boots doing his pleading kitty cat face)
Tech:  Take.   Out.   All.   Your.   Earrings

Of course I forgot to put them back in so I had to re-pierce the new holes later that night.  
Did you want to hear about that?
(Tap Tap)
Is this thing on?


ltlrags said...

So what you're saying is that you were already on laughing gas and all they did was take pictures of your mouth? Geeez!?

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