Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Follicle Fiasco

I like to experiment with my hair.
If I were young I would probably have violet or teal colored hair but since I am firmly middle aged I stick to more natural colors.  And by 'natural' I mean they might possibly be represented in nature one at a time but not in any other combination.
Eventually, if you switch from red to blond to burgandy to brown etc etc etc.... you damage your hair.
After the last highlighting binge my hair was pretty fried.   So I got it trimmed.  And by 'trimmed' I mean cut really short.   Like 'Peter Pan Trying To Look Like a Boy' short.  Just short of Sinead O'Connor short.  Like Justin Bieber short.
Too Short
I don't like it.   At all.
Some days I wear a beret but I am not really sure I rock it.  When I am not wearing the hat my piggy bank, Senor Pig wears it.  He looks pretty good

By the time I get up in the morning my cpap straps have it looking like I was electrocuted.

And now that it is starting to grow out millimeter by millimeter..... the grey is starting to show.  Also the natural hair that is not yet gray is brunette.  So basically I look like a calico cat is asleep on my head


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