Sunday, January 18, 2015


(Be very quiet while you read this--- "THEY" might be listening)

I think there is a conspiracy at foot involving my family.
Possibly your also--- it is subtle and you may not have noticed.

In the last few years  sadists dental professionals have been prescribing a certain procedure to everyone in the family.  One by one we have been told that we 'need' to have our wisdom teeth removed.  In December alone Becca AND Zach had theirs removed.  One by one by one until only mine survived.

Why is it that 'someone' feels so threatened by our family wisdom that they must eliminate the threat?   I mean, don't tell them I said this, but it isn't like there is any true genius going on there.    With everyone else I mean.  As for me-- all four of my wisdom teeth grew in.  Obviously this proves my superiority.  (don't be jealous, it isn't becoming)

But now..... now those who would steal our wisdom have made their boldest move ever: 

Now the pieces are starting to fit together.  'Someone' has eliminated all the minor threats and now seek to snuff out the brightest star in the universe.  The holder of all Wisdom.  The Matriarch of the family.  The True Leader of the Pack.

My own personal sadist Dental Professional has declared war on my mouth.   About 25 years ago 'They' snatched one my them.  And now, just because one is completely cracked in half and has cracked the molar next to it and has ground down the wisdom tooth above it-- he thinks it needs to come out.  And just because the one under the missing one has now 'Super Erupted' he wants that one out too.  Who knew that wisdom teeth are like goldfish--- growing to whatever space allowed?  
Is it worth the price of the remaining wisdom in the ENTIRE FAMILY fix these little problems?   What will we do when there is NO wisdom left?

Well, at least I will get a Crown out of the deal.  The Queen should have a crown!


ltlrags said...

Save the super tooth (even if just in a jar). It deserves the veneration.

ltlrags said...

And I won't let Anne know you spoke these words.

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