Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stop Begging For Grandson Pics!!

Geeez you people CLAMMERING for recent pictures of my grandson!!  Here you go!
October 30th was Parker's 2nd birthday so Nah Nah and Mommy and Uncle Brandon & Aunt Jericho & Great Aunt CaCa and Auntie Becca all went to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party.

Mickey's Halloween nights are the only time adults are allowed to dress in costumes at Disneyland (the rest of the time you see a lot of kids dressed up).  I dressed up as Esmerelda the Gypsy from Hunchback of Notre Dom.  Parker Was Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.  Jericho was Olaf from Frozen.  Brandon was the crocodile from Peter Pan.  Monica was Lilo From Lilo & Stitch and Becca couldn't bring herself to go Disney so she was a Pink Lady from Grease.  Lauren was Snow White.  I would say 90% of the people were dressed in costume.   Sorry no pics of Lauren or Becca.  Weird, right?  For the Booooolvard and trick or treating Parker went as a pumpkin!    I love this picture!!

October 30th Parker turned the Big 0-2!!   Woo Hoo!!

Other assorted cute Pics:  Parker having a tea party with Olaf

Parker stacking Apple Juice Pong Cups

Parker and uncle Brandon doing Man Stuff.  
 I made Brandon put on his pants.  

Once again I have reneged on my pledge to get back to blogging more often.  It has just been so crazy around here.  I am sorry.  I know your lives suffer when I don't send these little rays of sunshine!!


ltlrags said...

Aw! He is seriously adorable! Especially those pink cheeks on his bday. And yes, I think the punkin pic is my favorite too... Mother and son having a ball.

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