Saturday, December 20, 2014

You Thought You Foiled My Plan But........

SOMEONE around here (you know who you are coughFAMILYcough) 
obviously STOLE my hot glue gun.

I know it is because you are jealous of my Glue Gun Skills.
I have tried to educate you all on how you can fix practically ANYTHING with a glue gun.  
I mean, right now I can't even think of something you CAN'T Fix with one.
....... Nope, drawing a blank........

Well guess what peoples......

BA BAM!!!!!

That is right--- I have a new glue gun and it is STYLIN!!
So now I can hang my pictures and my curtains.
I can put my Christmas cards up and I can put the ornaments on the tree!
I can fix it so my furniture doesn't move around.
I can keep Parkers diapers on his butt
I can pick the gorilla glue off Parkers rubber bottomed plates and use glue that stays forever.
I can reglue the teflon on my pans
I can fix my cat's collar so it doesn't fall off
When Parker doesn't finish his banana I can fix the banana peel so it looks perfect again.
I can wrap my Christmas gifts.
So many many uses.......