Monday, November 24, 2014

I Will Drink To That!!

(A note about this post.  This is the THIRD time I have tried to write this and twice my blog has dumped my post.  I am determined to get this thing finished off and published!!)

A few days ago now.....
I get in the car to drive to work.  I plan on stopping at the nearby McDonald's for some coffee because I was running late and didn't have time to brew some at home.  Once I have the coffee and my morning diet coke I realize that I do not have an empty cup spot in the car because the last half of yesterday's diet coke is still there.  I figure I can dump it out at the next red light. 

No biggie.  But when I get to the next red light there is a giant "I Am Compensating For Something Small In My Life" pickup truck rumbling next to me.  I think maybe I should wait to dump it out just in case it splashes on said truck and angers the occupant.  So there I am:  half cup full of soda in one hand, steering the car with the other hand and shifting my car with my other hand.    I figure I will dump it at the next red light.  The red light that just didn't come.  Because, for once, I only hit green lights..... 

This makes me think about other liquid incidents in the car.  A week ago I had to get my car rugs shampooed because the giant latte I was getting for someone at work fell out of the cup holder and spilled on the passenger side floor.  I saw it doing a header but there just was nothing I could do safely (and obviously I am all about safety).  As I drove along I would glance over from time to time.  First I witnessed the tsunami- like waves of latte as they spread across the floor board.  Then, a shimmering dance as the coffee whirled and swirled before it soaked in.  When it had soaked in to the carpet I was reminded of a little furry kitten after a bath when all it's fur is spiky and you wonder, as you bandage your many scratches, if kitty's carpet fur will ever look right again.  As more and more latte settles down, down, down in to the carpet it takes on the look of lichen.....

Then there was the time a few years ago... some of my long time readers may remember this story....   Lauren, Becca, Monica and I decided to take a trip to Hollywood and act like tourists.  Because nothing says Life Long Southern Californian like never going to any of the tourist sights.  We were going to go on the Homes Of The Stars tours.  Unfortunately, poor Becca has inherited the dreaded Rittel Family Car Sickness gene.  There are many many stories of others afflicted with this horrible condition but, if you insist I can relate more another day.  On this occasion Becca felt gross.  And yucky.  And increasingly nauseous.  Once we got off the freeway she announced that she was going to hurl.  We frantically searched the car for a bucket, a basin, a ziplock bag... anything she could barf in.  Nothing... Then I realized that I could make an extreme sacrifice of my almost full 44 oz diet pepsi.  With extra ice.  When we reached a red light I hucked the pepsi out my window.  Which would have been very unfortunate for the man in the mid life crisis convertible BMW right next to me had my window been down at the time.  Of course it wasn't.  And so I got baptized with very cold pepsi.  With extra ice.   At least it wasn't barf.  

As I mentioned before I started writing this blog last week.  But it has taken me this long to actually get it to post.  Meanwhile, I thought I would send a pic of this weekends soda cup collection.  Okay there is some Starbucks in there too.

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