Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Place for Everything........

I wouldn't say I suffer from OCD.  
It is just that there is a RIGHT way to do things and a WRONG way to do things
MY way is the right way.  
Labeling is a good way to keep things straight.  
Sure my labeler(s) are my prized possessions
For example--- how else would I remember my grandson's name?

But seriously, I don't label everything
But things being grossly out of place does give me differing levels of anxiety.
Having a living room that is half toddlerland makes me antsy
My RV sized kitchen does give me the cold sweats.  No matter how hard I try to keep things in order it is just so small that it always looks cluttered.
(Clutter---- OMG THE HORROR!!)
For example--- and sadly this is not an exaggeration-- I can't really use my dishwasher because to open it you have to push yourself all the way back into the stove which is directly across.  Once I open the dishwasher door I can't really reach the dishes.  This is really true.  My family will attest to this. 
Living in a MUCH smaller apartment has been quite an adjustment.  I spend a lot of time organizing.  And re-organizing.  And re-re-organizing ad infinitum...
Some might say I am difficult to live with.  I prefer to think that I create order from chaos.  Unfortunately I did not transfer this to my room mate Lauren.  She prefers chaos.
Though I believe she should change she contends that she is Not Me and I have to adjust to her.
What????    Why wouldn't she want to emulate ME????
There must be some kind of happy medium.  A compromise where she realizes that organization is nirvana and living in a pig sty is very much like living in Dante's 3.5th level of Hell:  Clutter   
Meanwhile I continue to try to make myself comfortable in the space where I live.
And I try to influence the next generation toward the Right And True Way
I am pretty sure I am getting through.
Parker organizes his raisins

And the cups

There may yet be hope

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ltlrags said...

Are you sure Parker isn't Paul McCartney's son? I think I see a mop top resemblance. And I don't remember our mother pigeon teaching us about a 3.5 level of hell. Is that the one where Bed. Bath and Beyond doesn't have the section with all the organizing stuff?