Thursday, November 13, 2014

Parker & Gpa

At least once a week I take Parker over to play with his Great Grandpa (my dad)
He has quite the routine.
First thing he does is move the front door rug out into the middle of the living room
(see it at the bottom of this picture?)
For some reason that front door mat just drives him crazy.

Next up is getting Great Grandpa's tennis shoes out and put them on
Of course they are a little bit big for him,
so this is easier said than done!

Sometimes he gets TWO pairs of shoes.

After he gets bored with the shoes he has several other routines.
He always gets Grandpa's hand held sudoko and Yahtzee games and plays 
with those.  Usually he pretends they are cell phones.
To Parker just about everything could be a cell phone.
Once he put a corn tortilla up to his ear.
He also likes to color pictures for Grandpa
And he likes to do puzzles with Grandpa
He crawls around behind his chair and under the dining room table
The other night they worked on his stacking rings and then Parker
 stacked the puzzle pieces on top---- for good measure. 
And he almost always gives Grandpa a slobbery kiss or two when we have to go home.
(He can be a little stingy with his kisses)

I think it was that last bit of play time that really got to me.  
My mom would have loved to have played with Parker like this.  
She got so much joy from seeing him and coloring together.
Parker would whip her oxygen tubing around and laugh.
And he always brought a big smile to her face.
I was feeling pretty sad by the time I left.  
Missing my mom and grieving for her.
Wishing she would have gotten more time with her Great Grand child.

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ltlrags said...

Parker wrestling with the shoes is the cutest thing. It looks like he has them in a death roll but then has mercy and reunites them with their lost pair. Quite cute. PS: tell him to pull up his pants. He looks like a teenager.