Monday, May 19, 2014

Keeping Watch

I only have one sister.  That I know of.  I must confess that most of my childhood memories of my sibling relationship with Monica are of the mildly torturous variety.  I don't think anything I did scarred her for life.  Her brain "Its Not A Tumor" tumor thing was not caused by anything I did.  That I know of.  Tying her up with her socks and tickling her until she peed her pants-- not viscous.  Throwing her out of my bed when I was 16 because she didn't want to sleep in her room (which she swears showed signs of paranormal activity) not out of hostility. Letting her find our dead parakeet because I didn't know how to tell her Glory had gone to the big Cuttlebone in the sky--  not out of malice.  Sure I ratted her out when she TP'd our house one night-- irresistible.  Pretty mild stuff I say.  
Was I also protective of her when she needed me?  I hope so.  As kids-- I don't really remember anything.  I didn't throw my body over hers when she called our dad a PIG because... well, why should both of us get beat with The Belt?  
When I think of a time that I did protect her what comes to mind is her epilepsy.  I always have an ear out for noises that indicate that she is having a seizure or that someone is coming to get me because she is having an episode.  When she wasn't as stable as she is right now (thanks to a new neurologist who has really helped so much) I was always watchful of the kind of zoning out she does as she is having one of the abscentia kind of seizures.  The incident that most stands out is the time she had a seizure (and hers have always been at night when she is asleep) and my niece came and got me and I had not yet made an Emergency Clothing bag like the one that hangs on my door now- and ended up dealing with the many, many firefighters, paramedics and ambulance drivers who came to help while I stood there and gave history and kept her safe from hurting herself in just a bra and a pair of jeans.  I was so focused I didn't even realize.  
So deep inside I watch over my little sister.  And I don't tie her up with socks anymore (mostly because while I am bigger she is stronger) and when I tease her she knows it is with Love (buahaha) and when she crawls into bed with me I rarely kick her out.

(Writing Prompt #204 per Random Number Generator:  Describe a time when you were over protective of a sibling)
Hey Meg~   You have inspired me to work on my craft.  Thank you!  Hope you will be proud of me!

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Quill and Greyson said...

Who me? Absolutely proud of you!!