Thursday, May 22, 2014

When Moving Doesn't Move

For someone who has never lived further than 10 miles from the hospital I was birthed in, I have moved a few times here and there.  And most of my moves have gone quite well due to my organizational skills-- though some people like to make them sound a bit on the OCD side.  (coughJEALOUScough).
One time many years ago in the early 90's we decided to move our Mobile home from the Big City out to The Country.  And we had everything just about all figured out so we put almost all of our furniture and belongings into storage.  Not your typical storage though--- this was put into shipping crates and stored in the warehouse of some good friends who owned a moving company.  This I relate to you because all of our best laid plans fell apart and we were stuck living in that Mobile Home in a Trailer Park with no furniture.  Mattresses on the floor.  No plates or cups or bowls.  Some of our clothes and some of the kid's toys but it pretty much looked like someone had re-possessed pretty much everything we owned.  And then the debate began--- do we take everything out of storage or leave it in there as we planned to persevere through to the bitter end and git that thar Mobile Home set up on blocks in the middle of the desert.
Well... just about the time we had purchased our plot of land the Great Northridge Earthquake trashed most of the Mobile Homes in Southern California and all the contractors who did this kind of work were backed up for months.   So.... still we slept on the floor and started eating the wallpaper off the walls.  Yeah, I will say it... we may have eaten one or more of our cats also.  Hard times in the Little Trailer on the Prairie.  Long about then it was Brandon's birthday so we had a big old party with every kid in his class and every other kid he knew and we let them just trash the place.  Cuz we knew we was gettin new carpets and paint and all that.
Finally we got the gosh durned Trailer moved and all set up and we got all our stuff back and we were comfy cozy in our Little Trailer in the Desert.   About a year later.
I swore I would never move again.  

Random Number Generator #963:  Its moving day and all of your friends will be there to help.  A few hours later, everything that could go wrong did go wrong... and you wonder what happened.  What went down and how did your stuff end up in a gutter?

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