Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grown Up Food!

So my sister will be home from work soon and I have dinner mostly made.  I usually wait until she gets home to finish off whatever I am making.  The kids all went to see a movie so it is just the two of us which means I can fix something on the adult side.  I could if I weren't working on payroll except for this little side trip.
So I peruse the fridge and see we have some potatoes and a small steak so it is going to be eggs and potatoes for dinner.  Not too exciting.  But I have a secret weapon to kick it up a notch:  Braunsweiger for the toast.  
Yeah I said it.  We like Braunsweiger.  We were raised on the stuff.  And if you knew the bizarro stuff our paternal grandmother tried to get us to eat you would realize that the Brausweiger was a comparitivly safe bet in the Rittel Family Food Universe.  She was a good old fashioned crazy German farm woman.  Yep she was.  Some of her stuff was great.  Her prune kugle was good.  And she made some interesting things with sauerkraut.  But she always tried to get us to eat Head Cheese.  Which is NOT cheese but certainly is PIG HEAD.   She also liked brains in her scrambled eggs.  Frankly the woman scared the Bejeebers out of us. 
But back to the Braunsweiger.  On toast.  Or maybe, if you were in a particularly saucy mood:  On white bread with Miracle Whip. With some lettuce for texture.  (Is your mouth watering like mine right now?)
We were raised in a Miracle Whip Family.  I have discovered that most people come down hard on one side or the other of the Miracle Whip vs Mayonnaise conflict.  I consider myself Bi-Condiment when it comes to those things but I lean toward the Miracle Whip.
I mean... it is MIRACLE Whip!  Tah Dah!!
Remember First Kiss after divorce guy and how he said I was a good cook?  Well he knew that because I was cooking dinner for all of us for months while he decided if he should kiss me or not.  As if that wasn't a big enough red flag  (For cryin out loud-- my homosexual ex husband wanted me more than that guy) he was a Mayonnaise Man.  And I mean there was no flexibility whatsoever.  I should have known that you can never blend families if you can't agree on the Condiments.