Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bad Week At Work

I would really like to spend some time here blogging about my really horrible week at work.
But I don't blog about work or REALLY personal things
(which I am betting makes you stop and think  "IS SHE KIDDING ME?  WHAT IS MORE PERSONAL THAN WHAT SHE WRITES ON HERE"
Trust me, there is more.  
But I have always held to a standard that I would never post a blog that I wouldn't want my wonderful boss to see (Hi Boss!) or my ex-husband (Hiya) or any of my family (Love you guys) or my pastor (well.....  sorry about that Pastor Chris-- please just keep praying for me) And it is literally hurting my soul not to post some stuff so I will say that the BEST part of my day was being served with a supeona right as I was walking out the door.
But I can tell you about an epic fail this evening.
If you don't know about my job, I am The Corporate Controller for a Multi-Million dollar Construction Company and I am the only woman in the company of about 75 men.
So I have my choice of many many men who can't wait to see me every week.

For their paychecks...
But still..
Tonight I needed to get something to someone after hours so I told him he could come by my house and then I told my daughter that I had a date.
And she laughed
And she laughed
And she laughed
And that really hurts because it isn't completely impossible, right?
Hello?   (tap tap)  Is this thing on?

Well anyhow....
I needed to text this guy my address because he was driving and didn't have a way to write it down
Here is how the texting went

Me:  Roy?
Me:  It is LeAnn

Me:  Before I text you my address I want to be sure this is the right person so it doesn't look like some nasty Craigslist hookup.
Him:   I am sorry but I think you have the wrong number
Me:  I am so sorry
Him:  No worries
I am mortified

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ltlrags said...

This leaves me wondering how you know about nasty Craigslist hookups. And Pastor Chris is reading!!!!!