Saturday, April 5, 2014

First Kisses

Peeps, I have been working SO MUCH the last few months and it has really cut into my blog time.  Also it makes my brain turn to mush and the creativity seems to just evaporate.  Sorry!!

Yesterday I was driving along listening to KLOS Classic Rock (Which to my great astonishment is the music of my younger years) and a song came on that reminded me of my First Kiss.  
Do you remember your FIRST First Kiss?  Talk about Build Up, right.  I am going to tell you about mine.
But first I am going to tell you about my last First kiss and work backwards.
My last First Kiss happened in 1999 which is also the last year I dated.  True.  Because that was SO MUCH FUN (insert sarcasm font here) that I decided to start hoarding cats instead.  This was my first (and last) attempt at a relationship after my divorce and we had gone out a few times.  I thought they were 'dates' but as well all know there is no true definition of a 'date' but that is a blog for another time. At the end of these 'dates' I would wait for a kiss but only got hugs and I was starting to think it was something wrong with me.  (Imagine where I got that idea)  Finally he sat me down and explained that he didn't want to be casual about physical contact and he wanted to wait until he felt in love etc...  and then he kissed me.  Now since I am a logical person I connected the dots and thought that meant he loved me.  Not the case as I found out a few weeks later when he emphatically let me know that we had never dated nor did he find me attractive in the least.  Though I was a great cook.  
Before him we had my ex-husband.  I don't remember our first kiss which is odd and should have been a BIG RED FLAG.  We had been best friends for years when he told me that "God told me to marry you" which I should have realized was code for "I am totally gay but I want to pass-- will you be my beard?  I hear you are a good cook".  
But my FIRST First Kiss.... ahhh now that I remember well.  As it turns out I believe he was the only one who really wanted to kiss me.  He is a pastor now and still married to his first wife.  Yeah.. if only I had been a good cook back then my whole life could be different.
We met in youth group at church.  He was 17 and I was 15.  I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16 and so he waited until my 16th birthday to take me out.  It was a double date. He took me to Magic Mountain and after the day there we went to the Laserium show at the Griffith Park Observatory.  This was in 1978 and you would go into this room that was the IMAX of that era.  The seats reclined and the show was on the ceiling.  Lasers of all colors and shapes would play across the screen accompanied by hits like Shining Star by Earth Wind & Fire and Aquarius by the 5th Dimension.    Music of that era always remind me of that night.  So when we went home he walked me to the door..... and...... he gave me the sweetest kiss ever.
I peaked too soon people..... it was all downhill from there....

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