Friday, February 21, 2014

The Real Super Bowl

A few weeks ago many of you probably watched the Super Bowl and cheered on your favorite teams.
In our house we hosted the First Annual
The set up for this event-- which is sure to expand to world wide notoriety-- involved placing one dish of cat food with the Broco's Team Logo and one with the SeaHawks Team Logo on one end of the back yard.  Then all the available Felines were held at the starting line by their jockeys
Participating in this year's event:
At a stout 18+ lbs we have Mush Meyers II.  Mush is flawlessly ebony in color with bright green eyes and a curly tail.
Next is Layla-- Mush's sister.  About the same size but a Lovely Tortie with green eyes and a normal tail.
Jinxie aka-"I Am Meowing & I Can't Shut Up"-- coming in at about 12 lbs with tiger stripes and a catitude to match
Boris--- I am Russian Blue and I rule Roost.  A lean mean yellow eyed guarding machine.
Yvette--- A petite little French Maid of a Tuxedo who sounds like a cross between a donkey and a cat and has the appetite of a feline twice her size.
Cheering on from just inside the sliding glass door we have Figaro aka "The World Scares Me To Death so I will never go outside." Who is a fluffy boy
And finally...   The House Catriarch
Oliver Thomas O'Malley who slept through the whole thing

Human Jockeys held their players until the starting bell rang and then the race was on!

Boris was worried that the front of the house was un-catted and so he ran off to watch for intruders.
Yvette froze at the starting line

On top we have Mush who favored the SeaHawks
And below we have Jinx who was playing for the Broncos

And then we have Layla doing Cheering Stunts on the sidelines

And the CLEAR winner, and MVP (Most Valuable Pussycat)

(At least the Broncos won something that day)
Ah... there is Yvette.... Displaying her displeasure at the outcome

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ltlrags said...

We need to channel your family's creativity into solving world problems. Who thinks of this stuff?