Saturday, February 22, 2014

And We Have Pictures Again!!

I am so excited-- I FINALLY seem to have fixed the problem I was having with Blogger that wouldn't let me upload pictures.
And frankly, I was having a hard time finding amusing things to say without being able to use pictures.
Like you hadn't gotten to see this super amazing cuteness!

So I messed around with my laptop for literally hours and finally figured out that the metaconfiguration on the editor/target that was set up in the chevronical battery was set to "nowayparkay" and it should have been set on "youaretoodumbforwords" and so I stood up, spun around 3.75 times with my left pinkie toe on my nose and when I re-started my computer, I could upload pictures again.  Or something like that anyhow.     How awesome is that?

Did you see the super cute picture of Parker?  I edited it so it has a vintage 'feel'.  Do you LOVE IT or what?

And suddenly it hit me!
Maybe not all of you really want to see multiple pictures of my grandchild (I know, right) and maybe not all of you really want to hear about my travails with the horrible butt rash he was having.  (It is possible some of you don't) and thusly my new Blog "The NahNah Chronicles" was born.
So, if you are a parent or grandparent or interested party please feel free to pop over to my other blog by clicking onthe link over to the right of this page or by clicking on this title   

I will keep blogging here also.

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