Sunday, February 16, 2014

Making The Best Of Things

Moving forward.....
I check into a nice hotel and I spend the rest of the evening just trying to settle down.  Friday Morning I dress in the coolest outfit I have and head out to explore my environment.  It is HOT and I have no cool clothes which is a BIG problem if you are a BIIIIIGGGG woman because the shops around here are J Crew and Anthropolgie and Abercrombi etc... none of which even allow People Of Size such as myself to enter.  An actual alarm goes off that sounds like a grey whale.  Lauren reminds me that there is a Forever 21 store in walking distance which has a section for People Of Size so I head off there.  God punishes me for jay walking across the street from the store by having me trip on the curb and faceplant on the sidewalk.  Of course there are many people to witness this.  I brush myself off and try not to show how hurt I feel as I skulk into the store.  I am able to pick up a couple of shirts that aren't too expensive or too young for me and I then try to find a place to change.  First I head over to the movie theater that is nearby where I figure I can use the restroom and see a movie.  But the place had turned into the kind of theater where the seats are $29.00 a seat and then you can have dinner and cocktails in your seat (not included in incredibly expensive seat price) so I pass on that.  So I head over to Barnes & Noble to hang out and such only to find out it has gone out of business.  And I am really feeling like I have a very very bad case of Vacation Karma though what Cosmic Felony I am paying for is beyond me. 
I round out the day by picking up Indian food to heat up in my room (though I have no silverware as it turns out so I get creative and eat with Naan ala Ethopian style) and Skype with Parker and Lauren which was awesome.  OMG that kid is so cute. 
And so today I am chillin and watching movies and took a long walk before it got hot and later I plan on reading by the pool and chillin some more.
If I can find a tattoo palor nearby I may get some ink.

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ltlrags said...

Did you get a new tramp-stamp to match the others?