Thursday, February 6, 2014

Road Trippin

I have been shirking my blogging duties and I feel really badly about that.
It isn't like I haven't missed you-- I have-- but I have just had a lot going on.
For one thing Work is Brutal:
Speaking of work, I want you all to take a quick look at the company I work for.  Here is our website  Just Click on this link
We did the block work on these buildings.  Most of these pictures show buildings where we used concrete masonry block that has an interesting textural pattern so the block remains exposed.  Sometimes we do work that is structurally framed with a plainer form of this block and then covered with plaster and painted.
Anyhow.... I have had to make a lot of jobsite visits lately and this has really added to my heavy work load.  For some reason the owner of a project we have in Visalia needs a Very Important Corporate Officer to pick up checks once a month.  Then we have other assorted things going on that required I take a little side trip to Los Banos.  These trips are several hundred miles and I am not the best road tripper in the world so they take me lots longer than anyone else would.  I usually have to stop and use the restrooms about every 45 minutes.  And I need snacks.  And I need to stop and nap sometimes too.  It is pathetic.  Last week I had to go up and it took me 3 hours to get there for a meeting that took about 2 minutes tops just to turn around and go back home.  But the rain made the cow smell just that much fresher. 
It was on this trip that I decided to cut off most of my hair and become a marine biologist.  Course then I remembered I hate fish so I just cut my hair. 
Details to follow.
Other interesting upcoming blogs include coverage of my SuperBowl party and my vacation next week.  That is right fans, I am taking a trip.  On an airplane.  BY MYSELF!!!!

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ltlrags said...

Talk to more about structural framing! That's so sexy.