Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Kids!!

February is birthday month for the Fenner Family.
My son, Brandon turned 29 on the 4th. 
And just for the record, he will be turning 29 every year from now on because I AM NOT OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A KID IN HIS 30s.
Surprisingly I was not in my teens when he was born thus I AM REALLY GETTING OLD.
My daughter, Lauren, turns 22 TODAY!
Yes, she is my Valentine's Day Girl.
Having a 22 year old daughter seems about right.  So she can continue to age a few more years.  She did, however, make me a Granny so she is still contributing to my senile malaise.
It is hard for her having a Valentines Birthday.  When she was little I told her everyone celebrated her birthday!!  As she got older it became more and more difficult to celebrate her birthday by doing anything because the whole world is out celebrating their Love so it is kinda rough.
That is why I got divorced and never dated.... so I would always be free to celebrate her birthday.

Happy February Birthdays to my children!!

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ltlrags said...

You are such a selfless mother... nay, grandmother.