Tuesday, December 24, 2013

When A ChristGiving Gift Goes Horribly Wrong

Sometimes a gift given with the best of intentions... has a monster living deep inside it's psyche.

Brandon & Jericho gave me a very cute mechanical parakeet for ChristGiving.  We named him Pepe after a childhood parakeet my sister and I had growing up.  
 Sure, it looks cute and innocent.....
Sitting on the bowl of fruit with it's cheery little face
Perching in the Christmas Tree

He even spent time guarding the front door in an apparent display of familial protection, barking viciously at passersby
In retrospect I should have seen it coming when I found him perched on the top of the cat tree.  This is an obvious sign of Pepe displaying a mounting sense of entitlement and aggression toward the feline members of the household.

When we found him eating scraps of turkey and ham off the leftover platters from dinner we laughed it off as being kind of funny.  IT WASN'T FUNNY!  Our little Pepe is a....a... cannibal
Next thing we know he is face first into the ChristGiving dessert.  He ate half of it before we could stop him and his track marks were all over all the pies.
When our cat, Malley attempted to investigate (and maybe snag a bite of the turkey leg) Pepe got right back in his face, aggravating the seemingly more dominant feline and putting him in his place.

And causing said feline to explode with anger and frustration!
But the worst of it was when Pepe attacked my sister Monica plucking out several nose hairs and leaving her feeling violated and heartbroken.  It was ChristGiving after all.

 Did I mention that the original Pepe was an imaginary parakeet?
(insert scary music here)

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ltlrags said...

It's like elf-on-a-shelf meets The Conjuring.