Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Viva Las Birthdays

(I apologize in advance for the way the layout of this blog turned out. I couldn't get it to line up any better.  This blog stuff is harder than it looks.) 
With all the excitement I guess I forgot to tell you all about the Big Birthday Trip my sister and I took a couple weeks ago.
Every summer for the past several years we have taken a short vacation around the times of our birthdays to celebrate.  Usually we go to Ventura which really is our favorite spot but this year we were worried about Sharknado and The Ghost Shark and so we decided to go inland.
Luckily I still had some left over JetBlue dollars to spend on airfare and so we decided to fly over to Las Vegas and do some partying like only we can.  For my birthday Monica got us a great room at the Monte Carlo.... ooooohhhhh

Jet Blue flies out of Long Beach which is nice because it is a small calm airport.  We had to leave at 5:00am to get there in time which was the pits but we got there with plenty of time to spare.  Which was a good thing because Monica almost got us arrested at the TSA thingie.   I wish I had taken a picture but I was worried about cavity searches but there is something exciting (but not in a good way) about having your carry on get stopped on the conveyor belt in the xray machine and then having the agent announce loudly  "WHO'S LUGGAGE IS THIS???"  Of course it is Monica's suit case.  TSA Agent opens it up and askes her about the 15+ little bottles of stuff.  Monica was confused.  They are all 3oz of liquid.  The agent drops the b*mb (cuz you can't even write that word when you are blogging about the airport or you might get arrested)  You can only have a one quart zip lock sized bag of little bottles (Insert scary music here).  Monica has packed enough shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, hair spray and vodka to last a month.  We are going to be gone 2 nights.  So we shift some to my suitcase and decide which bottles to toss.  Which is traumatizing to Monica.  In fact I fully expect to hear another rampage of anger when she reads this blog.  Just don't get her started.  Seriously. 
Here is a picture my sister took of the plane.  The wing of our plane.

(see what I mean-- a minute ago there was a picture of the plane and now it is GONE!)
And here we are in Vegas at the Airport.

There was a frightening item in our hotel
We never did figure out what it was for.

For her birthday I took Monica to see Rock Of Ages

We got coupons with the tickets
so we decided to act like adult
people and go to the bar and
enjoy some adult beverages

It was an awesome show!
The next day we got
attacked by a polar bear
Apparently he could sense
'brain tumor and
tried to bite it out. 
and it was so scary we had
to go have more adult

We played a few table games
and we dumped a few dollars
in the penny slot machines.  We
saw a movie.  We were able to
find a wedge salad that was as
good as the ones in Ventura but
no flaming goat cheese so we
will probably go back to Ventura
next year!


ltlrags said...

Ha! You said "the pits." You're old! Seriously though, that picture of you sipping out of 2 glasses is exactly what I expect to see when you go to Vegas. Sounds like a bitchin' trip, man.

LeAnn said...