Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And She Pops Back In

It has been a reeeeeealy long time since my last post.  I know you guys want results and not excuses but I am going to throw a few out there anyhow.

It is mostly Parker's fault,  I give you Exhibit A & B
Charges:  Excessive Cuteness
Sometimes I make him smear teething biscuits all over his face, hands and hair just to remind me of what a big mess he is.  But even doing that he is still cute
Some days he hits the bottle pretty hard and passes out.

The thing is that I am not just your typical grandma.  I am pretty much in charge from the time I get off work until about 10:00pm and weekends so I am pretty dang busy.  But it seems as though his young mom does okay so long as she has lots of support so I force myself to hang out with him and watch Sesame Street, shovel in some squash and change a couple thousand diapers.   I still have to cook for the little woman and her kid and do my own chores.  It is a busy life for an old granny such as myself.
And my evening computer time has been drastically reduced.
But recently I spent some time thinking.  Yes, it did hurt Kathy/Cathy (what is it about people named K/C-athy that makes you so mean?) and I realized that I can get my blog up and running on my lunch breaks.  So lets try this peoples.

So here I sit munching on my salad in the spare office (aka The Lunchroom) typing away instead of watching Primevel on Netflix. 
I hope you are all happy now!

Welcome back!

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