Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The LBFF Postulate for Determining Tenacious Attemptage

Perseverence can be a good thing
It can also be a bad thing
Tenacity can motivate us to accomplish a goal
But it can also take on an obsessive quality  and continue to spur one on long past it's expiration date
This is why I have created the LBFF Postulate
And here is an example of how it works:
I am really annoyed with Walmart.  It is too big.  Too busy and just a real pain in the neck to shop.  And so, even though I normally get my pictures printed at Walmart I decided to try out Target.  Target has become my store of choice:  easy to park.  They open up check stands if you need them.  The baby items are not locked away.  Etc etc.....
And so I went to the Target Photo website on Friday and downloaded about 15 pictures and about 30 for my sister.  Later in the afternoon I got an email that they were ready.  On Saturday we went by to pick them up.  The photo area was dark and we were told that the photo person had called in sick could we pick them up the next day.  We agreed.  Sunday we went by again.  Still dark but we asked if someone could help us get our pictures.  A very nice young woman tried very hard to find our pictures but after half an hour we let her off the hook and said we would come back Monday.  Monday afternoon I went by Target by myself because Monica was working.  Still dark.  Apparently no one really works there.  Another nice young lady finally found our pictures and I took them home.   I looked at mine and they looked fine.  I looked at my sisters.........  and there was an envelope full of strangers at the Zoo.  I looked at the card inside and the name there was Williams.  My sister is Williamson.  The sticker on the outside was right-- Pictures were wrong.  So I called Target and told them about the mix up.    Sometime that evening the Williams also had a confusing shock finding a package of pictures of strangers also.  Today, Tuesday, I went by and got our pictures and left the Zoo pictures for their rightful owner.
The LBFF Postulate tells me that we will not be going back to Target next time.  Here is how it works.
We all know the classic Childrens song "Little Bunny Foo Foo", right?  "Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping through the forest scooping up the field mice and bashing them in the head"?  Then along comes the Good Fairy and she says "Little Bunny Foo Foo I don't want to see you scooping up the field mice and bashing them in the head.  I will give you two more chances.  Then I will turn you into a goon"
So we learn from this classic parable that after the initial offense it is customary and reasonable to give two more chances before giving up and determining that the offender is a lost cause and turning them into a goon to save everyone else from future head bashing.
The Little Bunny Foo Foo Postulate.
Target Photo you are on notice for a LBFF Offense:
Head Bop #1:  Sending an email saying our pictures were done but not being open when we went the whole next day.
Head Bop #2:  Not being open again the next day nor being packaged up or having anyone in the store be able to figure it out.
Head Bop #3:  Still not being open but even though we got someone to figure it all out still managed to give us someone else's pictures.
Three Bops and you are now a Goon, Target.

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