Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Fabulous Birthday Gifts

It was my birthday last week.  I am 51 years old.  It hardly seems possible.  Just yesterday I was 50.
Well, last week anyhow.
I know some of you missed it but it isn't too late to send cards, cash, wrapped gifts etc...
And I don't tell you this to make you feel badly. 
Or to make you feel jealous
But this is what I got from my sister:

From the top we have:
 Febreeze for my car so it always smells fresh even if I fill it with trash, dead fish and and leave it out in the sun for days at a time.
A set of Star Wars flashlights.  I have graciously shared these with my house mates.  I got Yoda.  Lauren has Chewbacca, Becca has Darth Vader and Monica has C3P0.  They are for home security. 
From the left we have my new hard boiled egg slicer that I totally really needed.   Seriously these things are really hard to find
A book about sharks.  This book is totally inaccurate; there is nothing in there about Ghost Sharks (who can appear where ever there is any amount or type of water) or Sharknado.  Kinda worthless
Next up are a set if ear buds with CATS on them!!!  I LOVE CATS!!
And finally some chocolate covered pretzels that she got before my diet so I gave them back to her.

I really show you this so that you are INSPIRED to achieve the heights of perfection that my sister has shown in her careful selection of things that I would truly love.

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ltlrags said...

R2D2. C3PO is the droid with the English accent. And you call yourself a nerd?! Also, you have a very strange family.