Thursday, June 6, 2013

Water is Bad

I love diet soda.  I do. 
I know I should never admit this because some of you are all like "Oh, you should be drinking water" and all that but..... FISH POOP IN WATER DID YOU KNOW THAT???
So when McDonalds began selling large sodas for only a dollar it became a daily stop on my way to work so that I can sip while I work.
Also I need to see if my magic good luck charm will be there to put his blessing on my day
We call him McBunny
Wait that isn't McBunny
That is Parker aka Spiderman

I know if I see McBunny I am going to have a good day
Because he is a magic bunny
(Side Note: remember when I said I was going to pretend to ruin dinner to help my sister feel better about herself?  Well I made a very special hamburger and tater tot casarole and apparently is was pretty bad.  I caught Lauren dumping it in the trash.  That is bad cooking Karma kids.  Don't try that at home)

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