Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ah Sweet Sweet Victory

Today I heard from a friend.
I could say 'old friend' but people in glass houses etc...
So first off here is a shout out to you, and you know who you are,
a friendly voice when I didn't expect it which is always bittersweet
because I miss your sweet face.  And I know you read my blogs so I hope I bring a smile to you today.

And on to the unpleasantness at hand: 
Today is Tuesday.  Our trash gets picked up on Wednesdays. 
My sister put our trash cans--- all three of them-- out to the street yesterday. 
"Why?" you say?  Because she is competing with our neighbors to get the cans out first every week and she wanted to, as she so graciously put it  "Freak them out this week"   Now as far as I know the neighbors do not even know there is a competition going on which makes it all pretty sad. 
But this week she won so she is a happy camper and that is all I really care about.
So I am going to go ruin dinner now so she thinks she is a better cook.  Later on I am going to ask her to help me put the ink cartridge in my printer.

Don't tell her, okay?

Here is a picture of her riding a bellhop cart at the nice hotel we were staying in.
(She won that race too)

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