Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good Morning Geeeeeeez Peeps!

Good Sunday Morning Peeps!
Many things on my mind this morning.
Please join with me in sending prayers or good thoughts or whatever it is that you do-- to the firefighters on the job at the Lake Hughes fire.  The news calls it the Powerhouse fire.  It has been raging for days and though it is quite far away our house and cars and sidewalks are covered in ash today so it is that bad.  This is an area where there are historical structures and many homes and all kinds of horses and llamas etc...   My son and daughter in law are housing some people evacuated from a camp there where she used to live and where her mother still does.  And it is going to be over 100 degrees today so that makes it all the more dangerous for those amazing firefighters.
I haven't blogged much lately mostly because I just do not tend to get back on the computer after work.  9 hours a day is enough most days.  And also because I turn into hybrid grandma/mother when I get home and have my parenting joys/duties to perform.   My grandson, the Amazing Parker Jonathon is 7 months old now and growing like a weed.  He has mastered speed creeping now so he is all over the place.  He gets up on his hands and knees to crawl but about half the time just succeeds in launching himself like a frog.  He is also starting to pull himself up on things. But he can't really sit up all that great so go figure.  I looove him and being a grandma is pretty cool.
I am meeting with a new counselor who is helping me with my bad attitude and helping me sort through what I think is inevitable truth and what really might be my control freak issues so this is good.  I find it really valuable to have someone call me out on my junk and make me think.  I think if I work on it I should get back to being funnier but I won't work out all my junk because then I may lose too much of my quirky personality which we would all hate.
Work is work.  No fun at all.  But I don't talk about work here so you will just have to read my new book "Why Do I Throw Up Every Day Because My Job Makes Me Want To Put An Ice Pick Through My Ear".  It isn't like I don't trust you guys not to tell my boss (Whom I just love just in case he finds out about my blog) but I am ever mindful that my blog is public and you just never know who is reading.  Did I mention I love my boss?
I got to go to the movies with my son the other day.  We saw Star Trek and it was so great.  I very carefully instilled a love of science fiction in my kids which has served me well.  Brandon and I always went to sci fi movies together and I even kept him out of school once to see a first showing (coughbadparentingcough) but most of all it was just sooooo great to spend time with him. 
My daughter also likes sci fi which explains why the two of us were up in arms last night when we found out that Matt Smith is regenerating on the Christmas Episode this year which just MAKES US SO ANGRY!  Seriously Matt???  Why??????????   WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY??????
And if you don't understand that I am not going to explain it and if you do----- WHY IS HE REGENERATING SO SOOOOOOOONNNNNN???????  I just finally got over David leaving.  Do you feel our pain????
Once again I feel a need to beat myself around the head and neck because I missed the birthday of own of my bestest friends in the whole known (and unknown) universe, Cathy Cordova.  Cathy has forgiven me and so I sent her a pony in the mail.  I probably should have used Fed Express.  I hope he gets there okay. 
I need to send new pictures of the cutest baby in the world but my camera is apparently possessed by the devil and it is making me crazy so you will need to look forward to new pics soon.  At least you have a chance to brace yourself for the adorability overload.
Loves and hugs to you all!


Sheila Peterson said...

Love and hugs to you too. AND I KNOW! I really like Matt Smith too, I loved David Tennant! They do regenerate too soon for my taste as well, and it takes me a while to like the new Doctor. I get there though.

Meg & Quill said...

FedExed a pony - LOL.