Saturday, May 18, 2013

Surfer Style

When I am visiting the coast one of the things I like to do is head for Surfers Cove and find a nice bench or a low wall and take in the scenery. 
Sometimes I even look at the ocean.
I enjoy the spectacle of the surfer. 
They all do the same thing upon leaving the surf for the day.  It is like their own special ritual.  The Surfer Ballet.
The go to the outdoor showers where they rinse off their feet and their hair. And they make it look like a commercial.
 Then they peel off their wet suits to the waist transforming them from their merman to their human states.  
 Then they strut their stuff to their 1967 VW Minivan. 
Now I should say that if this is a merman of a certain age and social status (coughrelivinghisyouthcough) he may actually strut his salt and pepper coiffured self to a Lexus.
Which is even better (to me anyhow)
 Once they are there they wrap a big beach towel around their perfectly cut waists and drop their wet suits to the ground.
I am not sure what happens then because that is when I faint.

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