Friday, February 8, 2013


Are there any fellow Whovians out there?
Surely there are a few 
I will bring you up to speed
"Whovians" Those of us who are Dr Who fans.
Who is "Who"?  Seriously?  What planet are you living on.
Have you no knowledge of the very famous BBC (British Broadcasting Company) television program that has been running for 50 years (With a few breaks here and there)?
If not you are surely missing out on a treat.  The British so cleverly created the television equivalent of a mobius strip**
How so, you say?  They created a TV show that involves alien worlds and time travel so that there is no limit to scenarios available for plot.  They made it just cheesy and campy enough to appeal to the Nerds of the world (ie:  Those of us who are secure in our coolness that we do not have to constantly prove how cool we are to everyone) and then to keep it eternally fresh creates a main protagonist with the ability to regenerate every so often into an entity with a similar personality but a completely different appearance thereby allowing the series to continue without interruption when an actor decides to move along.  Speaking of actors--- I really miss David Tennent who was the Doctor previous to the current Doctor Matt Smith.  Matt Smith is just so danged quirky.  David was too but was more endearing I think.  Lauren prefers Matt.  Go figure.
Time travel---- one of my favorite plot devices.  I love it because there are no real rules so you can play the game however you want.  I think the concept of being able to go back in time is so alluring because I am not one of those people who are all like "I have no regrets.  My life experiences have made me who I am. I wouldn't change a thing"  OH HELL NO! I would go back in time and fix a thing or two or two hundred.  But oh the mind games I can play--- If I went back in time and changed something would it really change something or had 'time' already accounted for that occurrence?  If it does and it changes my future does that future cease to exist or does it splinter off into an alternate reality.  So many interesting things to ponder.... 
Back to Dr Who.....  So much fun.  So much ridiculousity. 
Enter the Tardis, people.......... we will all fit cuz it is so much bigger inside!

** Mobius Strip  CLICK HERE 

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