Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby I'm Back

I know I have left you all alone for far too long.  I suppose, in my absence, you have been out running amok.  Looting and pillaging the villages and kidnapping farm animals.
Me, I have been busy trying to adjust to the changes in my life--- let me bring you up to speed.
Job:  Still have it which is a good thing.  Still makes me want to pull my hair out on a daily basis.
Weight:  Still fat
Pain Level:  At a 9 pretty much all the time due to arthritis and disk problems in my neck and back.  This makes me tired and grumpy and eats away at my natural good humor and ability to find the Funny.   Have been on the CPAP machine at night which I am sure is amusing if I were to look at myself all masked up but I don't need that visual stuck in my head and neither do you!
School:  Still on break.  I miss school.  Weird huh
Family:  Parents both exhibiting congestive heart failure issues now.  Had to call 911 to take my dad in a couple of weekends ago and then figure out the logistics of caregiving mom.  He is back home now.   Sister in stable condition. 
Current Feline Count:  452
Lets see anything else.....
Oh yes the world's most adorable baby--- Mr. Parker J. Fenner

Balancing my new grandma lifestyle has been a challenge.  I have a hard time with boundaries but I am working on it.  I find that he seems to like me a lot more than my kids did when they were babies so that is great because I always took it personally when they cried.  I have also learned more than I wish I did about the public assistance program and how it feels to use WIC checks.  I guess the point of that is to be humble and remember that we are all just one short quick step away from having to need help to get by.  So do feel free to judge me if you must but try to keep in mind that my giant bottle of vodka is for medicinal purposes only. 
Upcoming topics:
The multitude of TV shows I am following

My review of the new Zombie movie Warm Bodies
More pictures of Parker the Magnificent
Time Travel
Is Clara Who's New Whom?
And other important things.


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ltlrags said...

Glad to have you back. I'm looking forward to more pictures of Parker, the Warm Bodies review and more zany Mamaw Geeez.