Sunday, February 10, 2013

Arghhh! NOT AGAIN!!

Friday night brought with it another seizure for my sister.   She seems to have one every 10-12 months so it was right about on time.  She is so discouraged and frustrated so please do send along encouraging vibes to her.  Also please pray that her she and doctors have wisdom as they decide what-- if anything-- to do now.
I have to say that this went much more smoothly this time as we have a system in place now.  Her seizures have always taken place in her bedroom when she was asleep so we got a landline phone working in the hallway.  She made a package of medical history information that hangs on her bedroom door.  I have a bag of clothes to put on that hangs on my door. 
And we all know why that is so important.
The girls did their parts by alerting me to the situation and giving good information to the 911 operator and getting the paramedics to help.  I am so proud of them.  My part is to keep Monica from hurting herself and getting the info to the paramedics and keeping her as calm as possible and then supporting her through the aftermath which is so emotionally difficult for her.  And then follow up with the logistical stuff like how to help her deal with the loss of her driver's license until it is reinstated.
So this is the part of the story when I report on the funny parts--- because you must look for the funny parts people.  If you cannot  distill something funny out of a bad situation you just can't go on.
In other visits the paramedics have encountered her trying to break into the medical kits, grabbing for sharp objects off bedside tables, combative behaviour and most importantly the sight of me in my bra and jeans.
This time during the period of time where she is in an altered state she attempted to fold up the sheets on her bed, which was not happening since she was sitting on them.  She did, however, succeed in taking a pillow case off the pillow and folding that.  Who know what is going on in her head during these times.
As for me, I did manage to dress myself fully before we left the house (of course they did get to see me in my pajamas) so that was a plus for sure.   However, once in the ER the paramedic says to me "I think we responded to her last seizure I remember you guys" and he had a smirk on his face that hinted that he remembered more.... yes, he remember my jeans and bra show also.  Just going to show that my hopes that this little performance wasn't that far out of the ordinary were dashed.
I can only hope that they were entertained... and not too disappointed  not to have a repeat performance. 
But let's all pray that they never get the chance to come here again!


ltlrags said...

Have faith, female Job. It all turns out great in the end.

Meg & Quill said...

Sending positive vibes!