Sunday, February 17, 2013

Administering Medication

Parker has bronchitis which led me to want to share this handy guide to giving medication to babies/cats/dogs

Get assistant                                   
Dress in old clothes                        
Draw up medications                     
Put drop clothes on floors              
Put drop clothes on walls               
Put drop clothes on ceiling            
Wrap baby in towel, pining arms  
Hold head still                               
Squirt some medication in mouth  
Allow baby to suck on pacifier      
Blow on face                                 
Stroke throat           
Repeat as needed                       
Wipe medication off face              
Wipe medication off arms              
Comfort Baby                                
Wipe baby's face              
Attempt to calm screaming baby
Attempt to calm gagging and choking baby
Rock baby and pray it sleeps
Repeat as needed                            

Get assistant(s) depending on size of cat and size of claws
Dress in old clothes
Draw up medication
Put drop clothes on floor, walls and ceiling
Wrap cat in towel pinning paws and claws (all)
Put on leather gloves and face protection
Grab scruff of neck and attempt to hold head still
Pry open mouth inserting medicine squirter
Dodge flashing teeth
Squirt all medication in one blast
Hold mouth closed
Stroke throat
Let go of cat and get the hell out of the way
Wipe medication it flung off face, hands and arms
Wipe down floors, walls and ceiling
Watch as cat licks entire body off in disgust ingesting remaining medication
Clean blood  body and administer first aid to yourself and assistant
Ask forgiveness for any bad language used

Giving a dog Medication:
Mix medication in cat food
Step away


ltlrags said...

So true. Butters loved the flavor of his pain medication so much his tongue was like a fan, it lapped so fast. And you may have hit upon something: next time just drip the medicine on the cats paws and see if he/she licks it off.

mariana pups said...

Haha, love that storys!