Saturday, December 1, 2012

And Where Are My Slippers???

I am starting to relate to those TV shows and movies about parents of newborns because I am pretty much in the role of the new dad in this scenario. 
I work a long day fighting dragons-- earning the paycheck-- bringing home the bacon.  It is brutal out there in the 'real world'.  I get up before the sun rises and I toil until the sun is getting ready to set.  At home my baby mama is laying around watching General Hospital or Maury Povitch and eating bon bons.
When I walk through that door I deserve to be greeted with a dry martini, my slippers in the mouth of my faithful canine companion and dinner on the stove.  But is this what I find? NOOOOOOO  She is standing just inside the door with the baby in her arms waiting for me to cross the threshold with the typical refrain on her lips "Grandma is here to change your poopy diaper, Parker!!"
No martini
No Slippers
Certainly no dinner on the table.

Note:  I am trying to laugh but truth be told I feel whipped.  This new baby thing is tough on us old ladies.  I am totally and completely in love with this little guy but the relentless baby care is exhausting.  Lauren has been sick this week so she both doesn't want to infect him and she just feels so crappy.   Speaking of crappy we spent most of the day in the ER today because Parker had some blood in his stool and since we are now one of those families on public assistance we have to option but the ER.  This sucks.   No wonder the ERs are so full all the time.  Anyhow..... Parker also had his circumcision this week which has completely freaked out his poor mommy who had a front row seat to the ordeal.  SINCE WHEN DO THEY DO THAT IN FRONT OF THE MOTHER???   Why, in my day they took the baby out of the hospital nursery when he was a day old and brought him back to you all neat and tidy. 

I am trying to bring more interesting things to this blog than just grandbaby stories but it is difficult for several reasons.  First there isn't a whole lot else going on in my life.  Second my wit and cleverness are casualties of my current exhausted state.  Three I worry some of you will be bored and stop reading.  
But then I thought  NO WAY WILL THAT HAPPEN because you all LOVE ME SOOOO MUCH!
My wife should be home any minute so I need to finish off the dinner I have prepared for her when she walks through the door.

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