Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Last Part Of The Story

In the rush of trying to put it all behind us I neglected to finish up with Parker's birth story.   I believe I left off with the first trip to the ER for Lauren after his birth.
Here is the quick version with recap:
Baby born 10-30-12
They went home 11-2-12
Back to ER on 11-4-12 Lauren had severe pain  sent home with antibiotics
Back to ER on 11-6-12 this time admitted for something they never really did label.  It was an ovary thing or an appendicitis thing or abdominal infection but whatever it was they kept her without food or water for 3 days on IV antibiotics while they waited to see if she needed surgery.  She finally went home on 4th day still in a lot of pain.   But she did heal up okay eventually.
More than anything I bring this up now because I want to brag on my family.
First, Lauren was such a trooper.  She was so depressed to be separated from her baby and tried so hard to take care of him when it was such a struggle.  She cried a lot but she didn't take it out on anyone.  She has shown a lot of strength and maturity and I am proud of her.
Next, my son and daughter-in-law.  Brandon & Jericho came to our house to care for the baby for the time that I was back and forth to the hospital and trying to keep my job.  I basically showed them where the diapers were and walked away and they did great even with no experience. They even stayed overnight when I was home so I could sleep.  They helped with baby check-ups and all kinds of stuff. I am very proud of them also.
My sister was amazing helping with Lauren's care.  She helped her with her wound care and helped her shower and did all that weird nurse stuff that freaks me out.  She is the best sister a gal could have, even though she is an alien from another planet.
Becca and Stacey helped with their special little guy when he was fussy and mom and gma were worn out.  And I know Stacey was a big emotional support to Lauren during her dark times.  They are great "Aunties"
My parents have helped out financially with some of the medical stuff and are always so happy to see their great grandson.  They are great, Great Grandparents.
I also am grateful for all my friends who prayed for Lauren and Parker in those crazy days.  Some of you know how difficult I had it with my own babies and I have felt God's grace surround me during times of caring for Parker and especially all those hours in the ER and the hospital room. 
All you guys are amazing.  I thank God for you all!

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