Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Have you ever lived in California where someone (coughevilgasolineoverlordscough)
 decides to jump gas prices $.50 a gallon more IN ONE DAY?
And then they start telling you that they are going to RUN OUT OF GAS TOO!
And so you drive over to Costco at 6:00am to get cheap gas
And there is a crowd of at least 20 cars in various lines only half of which you
can use because your gas tank is on the right? 
(Or the left?  Is it the left or the right?  DANG IT!)
So you figure out which line to get in and you settle in to moving forward
to take your turn.  And then when you are completely enclosed by cars
on all sides you decide to get your Costco card out.
And you can't find it
You look everywhere.
But you can't find it
Meanwhile you realize you are now going to be late for work
And you are trapped in the gas line and by the time you get off work
California will be out of gas altogether
And this scenario starts sounding vaguely familiar
So you look around for
Because, well it seemed to make sense at the time.
And you wait
And finally your turn comes
But you can't get gas because you can't find your damn Costco Card
So you do what amounts to the gas station Walk of Shame
And pull on through
No doubt leaving the other gas station customers to wonder why;
Did she forget what side her tank was on?
Did she see
Did she just have nothing better to do on her way to work?
Did she lose her Costco Card???
Has that ever happened to you?
Me Neither.


ltlrags said...

If California did decide to have 2 different gasoline formulations based on season, then that would be the worst solution to air polution ever devised. Good thing it was a zombie dream.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a dream!!!

leann said...

Omg i just posted anonymously
on my own blog!

critterlover said...

Oh UGH! That's terrible. I just spent 1/2 the day in Costco gas lines too... but lucky me, I had my card.

LeAnn said...

It was very frustrating, girl. I felt so stupid!