Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Dog Show Day

There was a dog show the weekend Monica and I were in Ventura
(Checking Bucket List:  Aha!!!!  #28:  Go To Dog Show!!!  We have never been to a dog show!)
So we went and it was so much fun.  First off we saw all kinds of dogs many of whom were dressed up in Sunday Best.
This pup was sporting a kicky little sundress!
We saw all kinds of dogs.
We saw giant were wolf dogs
We saw tiny little rat sized dogs
We saw the hairless dogs

During the show portion of our visit we saw trainers showing their dogs.  We are so ignorant about this whole sub-culture but there were several things that we really pondered over.  For example:  They would have best of breed and then best of opposite sex.  We can not figure this out.  Can someone explain this?  There was no barking or dog noises.  This means either they have been de-barked or they are just really well trained.  Either way I would like to know if this can be done legally to teenagers?  Also we noticed that the trainers give the dogs treats when they are performing, which is not-- it itself-- really notable except how they trainers got the dog treats. Apparently the way to do it is to keep the dog treats in your bra and then transfer them to your mouth.  Then, when you want to reward your dog you take it from your mouth and give it to the dog.
What the Heck is going on here.  Someone explain this to me!!!
We saw first aid for dogs who have been rear ended in car accidents
We saw Dog Photographers and all kinds of Doggy Couture and Rugs and blankets and jewelry and on and on and on....   But the weirdest thing we saw was......

You could actually take your dog in the tent and have a sample tested for viability.
You know I want to crack jokes about this but I am going to refrain.  I will say though that we did NOT eat the snowcones.  Just sayin...
We did have quite the giggle over this though.......


JC said...

I've always wanted to go to a dog show only they're in downtown Seattle in that arena that is so hard to get to. (trying for the longest runon sentence here )

I am a sort of expert .. having been to four doggie classes before it was cancel due to us being the only puppy .. anyway, the treats are really little and you have them either in your hand .. ready to go or in your pocket. It's how you train the dogs and how you continue to interest them in doing their tricks. Dureing big dog shows, you see them use them all the time. It's the only way they get them to pose etc.

The not barking, I don't know. My two yo yos bark at the moon, birds, wind .. you get the idea.

By the way, it's hot hot hot here .. I know not in your post. 100 today and we don't have ac.

ltlrags said...

Don't buy the C collar! If it was any good the dog woulda lived and wouldn't be stuffed.

Do the men put the treats in their cleavage too?

I was noticing the large gap between the semen tent and all the other vendors. No one wants to be near someone who would do that to a dog.

Boy, this trip just keeps producing gems. You all had a great vacation!