Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Mockingbird Family

Dear Mr & Mrs Mockingbird:
I am so sorry for your loss.
I understand that there is a good reason for the term
"Bird Brain"
Because only a bird brain would make a nest in the bush in the yard of a family of cats.
Clockwise from top:  Mush, Chanel, Layla, O'Malley and Yvette. 
Figaro peeking out of doorway.  Missing Jinxie and Boris


JC said...

I love that photo !!!
All dark purrballs except for the orange boy. Just like at my place. Except Jasmine has a bit of white.

Sorry for the birds though. Sad face ...

critterlover said...

Great Picture! Love them kitties.

Boy, our Mocking birds have been giving Ginger a rough time, they've dive bombed her, they put that girl in her place! LOL. Poor birds, I see them telling off the Raven's daily who threaten their nest. Ginger must have been after one on the ground, cuz when I looked up she was getting bombed. The next time I saw one sitting on the bricks out back and yelling at her, she was all crouched down with her ears back, but still giving the "death to you chatter" back to the bird. Ah.... nature. LOL

ltlrags said...

I never noticed the bench built into your patio supports. Nice touch. It's weird what you begin to notice when you own your own home. "I love your cement texture; how did you do it?" Yep, goofy!