Friday, August 31, 2012

Lion Of Essex

Have you heard about the report of a lion loose in Essex England?   A squad of over 30 police offers as well as the military and 2 heat seeking helicopters were on the scene trying to capture the dangerous beast.

Roar! Teddy has been blamed for sparking the scare and police hunt after witnesses described a sighting of a lion near St Osyth, near Clacton on Sea, Essex
"But hopefully this time domestic cat Teddy Bear, who has been blamed for inadvertently triggering Britain’s biggest safari hunt in living memory by being mistaken for a lion, will be allowed to saunter off in peace.
The three-year-old pet – a Maine Coon which can weigh up to 25lb, be up to 16in tall and 40in long –was seen stalking around his home in Clacton, Essex today after the panic from Sunday night.
But the only thing he seemed to have on his mind was peering through a hole in the fence and lazily walking across a lawn" as reported by the Daily Mail.  Owner Ginny Murphy: ‘It clicked right away,’ she said. ‘We thought it had to be Ted as he’s the only big gingery thing around there and he does tend to wander into that field."
Big Gingery Thing----- I LOVE IT!

Here we have a picture of the alleged lion.  Is it Teddy?  Hmmmm?

Another media outlet UPI produced this quote:

ST. OSYTH, England, Aug. 27 (UPI) -- Police in England said they have called off the search sparked by an alleged lion sighting and said the animal was likely a large domestic cat or a wildcat.
Essex police said about 25 officers and experts from the Colchester Zoo searched the St. Osyth area after a visitor reported spotting a lion with his wife Sunday night, but the search was called off Monday after the searchers, who used methods including two helicopters with thermal imaging equipment, were unable to find any trace of a big cat, the BBC reported Monday."   
I had to include this quote-- which I cut and pasted so it is exactly the same quote then added the emphasis myself-- because it appears to me as if the man's wife was actually with the lion.  Hello England?  Are you missing your proofreader cuz I am looking for a new job!
On a somewhat related note I came across this gem which is an amazing new picture and article.

Credits to
By David Wilkes, Inderdeep Bains, Tom Kelly and Abul Taher
Daily Mail UK
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