Thursday, August 30, 2012

For Shame

There is this new phenomenon out there these days called "Shaming". I have seen clips on YouTube and AOL news of parents of kids trying out this controversial means of discipline and I have mixed feelings on the subject.
Here are a couple of clips: tweet-my-shame-reshondas-story
bad-grades-sandwich-board or this one Mom-Makes-Son-Wear-Sandwich-Board-Detailing-Crimes
Just click on those if you want to see the clip.

But the trend I can get behind is this one YOU MUST CLICK THIS OR NONE OF THIS BLOG WILL MAKE SENSE!

That is right my friends. Pet Shaming. Well, all I could find was Dog Shaming actually leading me to believe that our feline friends are without shame. Then I gave it some thought.
Here is a gallery of the Fenner Williamson Home For Furry Friends and the Humans Who Love Them:


And finally we have Sam, who is the inspiration for this blog post because Sam got banned from Petsmart grooming.  I got The "Your Dog Is A Total Whack-a-doo Don't Ever Bring Him In Here Again" speech from the Petsmart Manager.  I always knew that defecation was a bad thing but I never knew that excessive defecation was actually possible.  Isn't all defecation excessive?
PS:  Welcome to Chell a new Geeez Follower!!!   YAY!
The August Contest closes tomorrow and I only got two entries.  The secret word is ALBEIT or CATERWAULING, and I still need to know who Burmashave Cathy is.  I know I should probably know but I don't!  Come on people Please Play!

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