Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Greetings Humans
It is I, Mush, guest blogging tonight!

I am one of LeAnn's Grand-cats
The one IN the drawer.  The lovely lady to my right is my twin sister, Layla.  I am purely black.  She is a tortie.  We are fraternal twins of course.
LeAnn has been very busy with ridiculous human things that have no importance.  Layla and I have been busy with household chores.  I am appalled APPALLED I tell you, at how long it had been since the grocery bags had been fluffed and aired out.  I did a fine job rousting them out.  Well, some of them.  They were so crinkly and I was so tired I did take a short cat nap before I put them all back (as if).
Grandma and Aunt Monica are getting ready for their annual trip to Ventura to celebrate their birthdays.  Aunt Monica's is next week on the 10th of July.  More importantly Grandma LeAnn's 50th birthday is August 6th!  Make sure to mark your calendars since she will need LOTS of love support attention and encouragement as she breaks the half century mark.
They are leaving us with my human, Lauren and Layla's human's brother Scooter for the weekend.  Lets all cross our paws that we all live through it.  It takes a seasoned pro to handle the daily Master care routines around here.
Wish them luck!  I am sure they will have terrific stories to tell when they return!

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JC said...

Tell your Mom to have lots of fun in Ventura !!!

Looks like you did a fabulous job fluffing up those bags.

Tell your sister that Meredith Ann says she's a soul sister. Those torie's have to stay together.

And, I'm sure you know that my Grandson is all black. His name is Al .. after Zander on the Buffy show. (my d liked that guy so she named her cat Alexander and now he is called Al or Big Al or Grandsonny)