Friday, July 13, 2012


2012 Ventura Trip: Friday (Continued)
As I said before, we had decided that we were going to really run amok this weekend and try new things.  First off we decided to get a massage.  Now I had been to a chiropractor before but not just had a massage.  We found a place just off Main Street and all the girls there were Asian.  There was a big disclaimer that said "No Happy Endings"  We were puzzled.  Why would we not want to feel happy after our massages?  (Da Da Dum)    No. It wasn't like that.  Not exactly.  We found a nice place RIGHT ON MAIN STREET and it was clean and bright and not full of opium smoke.  They did, however, have us sign a disclaimer about questionable outcomes.....  So we weren't expecting toooo much.
Anyhow.... I noted on my questionaire that I have issues with my neck and shoulders which is really the only explaination for what followed.  My massage therapist person did a great job.  I was so relaxed by the end that I couldn't figure out what that strange noise was only to realize that I was hearing myself snoring.  She would repeatedly goop up her hands with some pleasant smelling massage gel stuff and at one point she gooped them up and massaged my neck.... and then worked her way through my hair. 
To experience for yourself this is what you need to do.
Place the heels of your hands on your earlobes.
Got it?
Now spread your fingers so they are cupping the back of your skull
Massage your scalp
Continuing to knead your scalp make your way to the front of your scalp and release over your eyebrows.
Repeat entire process several times.
Go look in the mirror.  If your hair is sticking straight up, you did it right.
But for the full effect you would need to goop up your hands several times too.
 I thought.... well she must have wiped her hands off first (nope)  This scenario repeated many times.  When we were all done my hair was oily and sticking straight out in every direction.  I was relaxed.... and looked like a hobo.  My sister did not get the same head greasing.  Pity for her.  But a sucess for our trip our of the proverbial Box.  We went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner.  We chose a little french bistro across from the theater we were going to afterwards. 
Thank goodness we still had plenty of money in our Grandma's fund because this dinner turned out to be just a tad bit pricey.  But oh so yummy.  We had a delicious pork tenderloin with gratin potatos and those tiny green beans.  We went whole hog (HA) and also had Tirmasu and Creme Brulee for dessert with some terrific coffee.  It was awesome.  Monica had never had Creme Brulee and neither had tried Tirmasu so this was another trip outside the box.

Above is 71 Palm Bistro.  Wonderful food.  Friendly terrific wait staff.  Highly recommended!

After dinner we had decided to go to a comedy club.  We had a choice between your standard comedy club that cost $25.00 and had a two drink minimum or spending $10.00 for a much lower key interactive show.  We chose the Improv.  It was so much fun.  Those people really know how to think on their feet!  I am giving consideration to quitting my job and pursuing a career in comedy.  What do you think??

We got home really really late--- like 11:00pm!  So we went right to bed!

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