Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catching Up

Wow I wandered off for a little while there!
And even this post is more of a promise and apology than anything else
I promise to get back in the swing of blogging because I know that without my blogs your lives are dismal and you fall into a deep state of melancholy.  I keep meeeeeaning to sit down to my laptop and pull a literary rabbit out of a hat but it does take some time to download and process pictures to the point that I get lost in time and space and forget to cook dinner, take showers, go to work etc....
Also, I Been Busy Y'all
I need to get the lead out with the special quilt I am making for my grandbaby before the baby shower in September.
I have a new phone which sometimes is great and sometimes I believe came straight from the devil.  I Still haven't figured out what is wrong with my Facebook account.
I am doing important expert commentary on the Olympics.  Especially the bike road races because we all know how I feel about my bike.  I am also planning on petitioning for a new sport in the next Olympics:  Power Napping  I am doing as much research as possible.
All of us in the Fenner-Williamson home have been hard at work at a home improvement project which is just about done and I will have pictures out very soon.
I am now seeing a Nutritional Therapist as well as working with my doctor on some medical issues because I am a mess.  Again.  So I am now taking enormous amounts of food supplements as well as eating a special diet.
And, hardest of all, I am preparing myself mentally for my birthday that is very very soon in which I will achieve 50 years of excellence.  Well maybe about 10 years of excellence + 17 years of mediocrity + 19 years of sombulence and the rest was downright crappy. 
It doesn't look as if I am going to have a party but do feel free to send gifts.  Especially in the form of diapers and baby formula.   That is just in case my milk doesn't come in.
Okay peoples.....
I promise to send pictures and details soon!


ltlrags said...

Is sombulence different than somnolence? I was expecting your word-of-the-day and subsequent definition but you forced me to look it up myself. How selfish of you.

LeAnn said...

I am so sorry. I was terribly REMISS!