Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Biker Chicks

Outta My Way!!!

If you remember back aways my sister and I got bikes to help in our general health exercise progam thingie.  Knowing that we were soon to head over to Ventura we knew that Lucy and Ethel had to come along also.  (The bikes, duh) Riding our cruiser schwins along the beach was uber cool.  It was also I lot harder than I thought it was going to be.  I admit I am horribly out of shape.  I will also admit that I don't fully understand when you are supposed to be in 1st gear or in one of the other ones.  I also have a hard time figuring out how the bike path could be UPHILL BOTH WAYS---- BUT IT WAS!!!!  
 We rode a very long time.  If you look at my sister in the picture up top we rode quite a little ways past the big hotel that you can see in the distance and we were already quite aways from our hotel.  On the way back  I was huffing and puffing pretty loudly.  I didn't realize just how loud I was until I overheard a couple of joggers in front of me:
Jogger A:  Don't turn around
Jogger B:  Why?
Jogger A:  Don't    Turn   Around!!
Jogger B:   W   H   Y   ???
A:  Because there is 'something' back there
B: What is it?
A:  (crying)  I don't know
B:  It sounds like a brown bear. 
A:  Or a polar bear
B:  Do they have polar bears on the beach?
A:  Maybe it is a shark
B: That is just stupid
A:  Landshark?
B:  Ding Dong...... Candygram....
A:  Maybe it is a werewolf
B:  It is broad daylight--- there aren't any wolves out here
A:  I can feel it's hot wet breath on the back of my head
B:  I  Dont Know  But it sounds like it is having trouble breathing.....
{Joggers quickly lay down and play dead}
{I resist the urge to get down and sniff them}

Well anyhow......
When we got back we decided to take the bikes up to our room and not try to get them back in the car because my nephew made it sound like it was hard.
So, we took our bikes on the elevator and into our rooms. 
I will say it, that felt a little Bad Ass

Oh, and we didn't bring helmets either
That is right--- I told you we were Ridin Dirty!
Sunday morning we rode down to this cute little coffee and bakery in the other direction and took our scones and coffee to the beach to admire God's handiwork and fantasize about moving there some day.
When we rode back to the hotel we figured it was time to load the bikes back into the car so we opened up the back and stared at it for a little while........
And then a nice man came and put our bikes in for us.
Sooooo easy......  I don't know what my nephew was talking about!

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JC said...

You need to buy a bike rake that goes on the back of your car. We have one and it's great. Whenever my h takes his bike with, the car is full of things ... cats and dogs or camping gear.

By the way, I think you are very funny. You made my day.