Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Capturing Your Own "People Of Walmart" Picture

If you have been living under a rock and you do not know about "People of Walmart" you have been missing out!  CLICK HERE to check it out.
Should you find yourself wandering the Magical aisles of your local Walmart you too may find the occasional Gem and say to yourself:  "Self-- if you answer the following question out loud I may have to re-consider those psychotropic medications"  But directly following that exchange you may wonder how in the world can you capture this occasion in order to share it with the world.    Because there are some things that no one will believe- nor can you adequately describe.
For example-- recently I was on a trip to Walmart and when I was walking into the store I saw the most interesting site. 
A woman--- which, in itself was not that interesting-- but her attire!
I wanted a picture!
But how do you get a picture of someone without letting them see?
Because I do so not to mock her---- NAY!
I wish to sneak a picture to PRAISE HER!
That is right!
For the courage to go out in public in such an outlandish outfit!
How brave she must be!

And so I skulk around.... ever so casually.
Here are some helpful tips:
Get your phone ready to snap a pic at any moment.
Try to look casual as you follow your prey through the store.
Regardless how tempting DO NOT make strange noises to get your prey to look your direction
No whistling, meowing, coughing, psssssting.
Be patient and ready.  Poised for action
Do not slither along on the floor.  That just looks weird.
Pick up and object and pretend to be examining for possible purchase:
"Hmmmmm    This cat food looks luscious.  I wonder if Kitty would agree"
"My goodness gracious--- there are so many carbs in Ranch Dressing!"
"Am I too old for Hello Kitty mini-skirts?"
"I simply cannot choose which Lady Gaga CD-- I have to get them all!!"
All the while you are shadowing your prey.
On this day the object of my attention was sly and cunning 
She is a seasoned shopper--- no dawdling.  No touching.  No picking up random objects to examine and then return to the shelf.
No she goes right for her intended purchase and heads for checkout.
It isn't as if I am easy to miss myself.
I duck down behind the enormous Tortilla Display
And peeeeek up over the top

Granted this picture is not all that I had hoped for.
 But if you look carefully you can see a perfectly normal looking woman
Who looks like she ran into the back of a chicken
That is right, she has a chickenbutt on her head
Like a headband of chicken feathers sticking out.

Okay, Dear Readers----
The Gauntlet is thrown!
Get yourselves out there and capture some sneaky pictures of your own.
And email to me at


ltlrags said...

No fair taking a picture of your own sister. That looks a lot like Monica with a chicken butt on her head (which we've both seen). Either that or the brain chip shorted out.

stacy said...

Ummmmmm I think Monica's brain has well........become feather-brained. I love ya. Love the Monica unit also. I think some more practice is in order on REALLY unsuspecting prey. xxxooo.

Stacy :)