Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Biker Chicks

And so I did my research about bikes and 'Fat Bottomed Girls' and figured that there was a bike that should be fine for me to get.
So I headed down to the Walmart---- not the nearby Walmart but the one across town that hadn't been privy to my humiliation the week before-- and found a cool bike that spoke to me.  It said  "Buy me--- Love Me, Hug Me and call me George"  And so I did.    Except her name is Ethel.  Guess what my sister's bike is named.
We have very cool bikes and we get complimented often on our coolness.  We plan on bringing the girls with us to Ventura when we have our summer fling in July.  We will ride along the beach on the bike trails.  We will pause to admire the surfers.  We will get a Flaming Goat Cheese appetizer at the Greek Restaurant on the Harbor.

For now..... Here are some pics of us Gettin On Our Bikes and RIDIN!!

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Susan said...

The picture of the two of you is really ,really small....I can't tell if you got a cool looking helmet like Monica or not.....