Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buckle Up!

So let me you up to speed on what has been going on in my life.
I quit writing my other blog because it became evident that spewing vitriol (See NOTE) on the Internet could come back to haunt me.  So it isn't as if I am really any less Dark so much as I realized I better hide it better.  I have been fighting a Bad Attitude Problem lately in case you have been lucky enough to
avoid it.  Cuz work sucks and I miss the only other girl in the company who left to have a baby (she IS a beautiful baby tho) and now I am forced to leave my estrogen locked up in the car every day while I deal with overwhelming testosterone and
try not to kill anyone.  And if that sounds soul sucking then you have a tiny hint of how miserable I am lately at work.
The home repairs to my rental property are almost done and thanks to my handy dandy tenant have only cost me most of what I saved up for vacation for the last
3 yrs.  But for him any chance would be gone.  I am in preliminary stages of planning trip to Virginia in april (you hear that my VA girls and boys?).
There are other things too but the biggest and most heart breaking issue has been my grandma.  She is 97 and
has clearly reached the point that she cannot live alone even with support and for reasons too long and complicated to explain here she cannot live with us or my parents and I have taken on the responsibility to get her settled as safely and happily as possible.  This has turned out to be a very frustrating situation and I floundered around for 2 weeks filling out the wrong paperwork, talking to the wrong people racking up hours of time on the Internet trying to find a clue
and finally finding my first bit of footing by emailing literally everyone I knew asking foe help and by the true grace of God discovered an angel who is helping me get a handle on it all.  So today I spent the day going to all the 36 board and care homes in my area of town to see which would be the recipient of further pursuit.  I cataloged them and photographed them noting the surrounding neighborhoods, proximity to fire stations and hospitals as well as which were closest to where I live.  Each was given a number of course so I can cross reference.  And yes, I am completely aware that hyper-organization is my way of coping with a out of control situation.  This took 7 hrs and was interrupted only by several food runs and my yoga class. 
Ah yoga how I missed thee due to various circumstances!  This class was the fullest I have ever seen! And how lucky I was to get my favorite spot in the back and further rewarded by having Moaning Guy spread his mat right next to my own.  Ah Moaning Guy!  How then can I relate Moaning Guy's yoga routine and yet remain the oh-so-very-proper lady that we all know me to be?  MG is very fit.  He can really do the yoga that I can only aspire to achieve some day after having lost another 150 lbs.  and having all my joints replaced. But his vocalizations.... It is like someone is filming a porno 5' feet away.  It is enough to distract me from my meditative state.  To wretch away my zen and make me almost remember what having sex was like all those many many (manymanymany) years ago.  He is blissfully unaware of the peril he is placing himself in.  Namaste THAT Moaning Guy!   Nama-nasty! 

Lucky for him I have many many many many (manymanymanymany) years and days and hours and minutes and seconds of carefully suppressed sexuality buried in a grave where it belongs......
I do declare..... (fanning self)
Anyhow....... tomorrow I will start visiting said establishments and interviewing staff.
I will take all prayers, wishes, good thoughts, pixie dust or anything else you got to help me do right by my grandma.
Nite Nite Ya'll


[vi-tree-uhl] Show IPA noun, verb, -oled, -ol·ing or ( especially British ) -olled, -ol·ling.
Chemistry . any of certain metallic sulfates of glassy appearance, as copper sulfate or blue vitriol, iron sulfate or green vitriol, zinc sulfate or white vitriol, etc.
oil of vitriol; sulfuric acid.
something highly caustic or severe in effect, as criticism

breathe heavy!

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JC said...

You have been busy !!!

Hope you find the right place for her.