Sunday, January 1, 2012

Introducing A New Friend!


Crystal Anahi
She was born on Friday December 30th to my co-worker Claudia
She is perfectly adorable

I am her AbuelaBlanca
Her White Grandma
Because Crystal's hispanic family Es Muy Loco  (crazy) and she wasn't even going to get a blankie and that is just wrong.
Also, they always put on this hard, bad ass gangster look on their faces when they get pictures done and that is also just wrong.  I am going to teach Crystal how to smile in pictures.
I am going to teach her how to translate for me because her mom lets me stand there like a dork when everyone is speaking spanish.

I am going to enjoy this little girl even though she took away my best friend at work and has left me the only girl in the whole entire company and now work is really boring and every day drags out like it will never end.
Never    Ever   End

So, Welcome to the La Vida Loca Crystal
(Be sure to get my cell number)

Congratulations to her Mom & Dad
and all her sisters and brother!!!


ltlrags said...

I our quest for numbers we're getting a little lax on what we consider a "reader" these days, aren't we?

JC said...

How fun is that ... a new baby to spoil !!!

LeAnn said...

So I need constant validation, SO WHAT?????

anabella said...

so cute