Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Some of you know one of my BFFs Cathy who lives on the East Coast
(You know she has to be a Very Special Friend because
 I actually got on an airplane to visit her-- TWICE)

Last Wednesday she gave birth to her second son who's name is Elijah Jonathon Cordova. 
He was 5 lbs and 7 oz and, according to his proud mother, has dark hair.

Dark NOSE hair   Just like his Daddy, Wes. 

 Wes is tall, dark and handsome.  Cathy is one of the whitest people I have ever met. 
There is a picture of her next to the term WASP in the dictionary.  I tell you this
 because Joshua, their first son, is the absolute spitting image of her.  
I have been rooting for Elijah to look like Wes.  Mostly this is because I suspect
that Cathy created Joshua in a laboratory or something. 

Wes is a great guy and one of the smartest men I know.

How do I know this?  Because when Wes (aka The Interloper) started courting Cathy
he was smart enough to do 2 very important things: 

 #1) He was gracious with our girl time.
This was smart because we decided to let him live. 
We had her first and we were very territorial. 

#2) When he is around us he observes quietly from the sidelines and doesn't
call the police and/or the insane asylum.  What he says when we are gone
Cathy keeps to herself which is just as well.

Yes, Wes is handsome and smart.
But Cathy is probably the Smartest Person I Know
And not just because she was smart enough to see the quirky ooey gooey
part of me that very few people know about AND SHE STILL LOVES ME!
No, she is an honest to goodness Rocket Scientist. 
Someday I hope to be like her when I grow up. 

 And I am sure her fondest dream is to be half as good a mom as I have been.

I would love to tell you the actual birth story but she is kinda busy right
now with all that yucky gross horrifying beautiful bonding going on and so
 I will tell the story that she might tell if she weren't too busy.

Once upon a time there was this stork.............

Congratulations To The Whole Cordova Family
I Pray God Richly Blesses You All!

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