Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bark At The Park

I know, I am very late with my Bark in the Park Report:
This was my first forway into this annual Dog Lover's Festival 
I was rewarded with my interesting sights!
I saw many dogs dressed up in Halloween Costumes
Many in their Sunday Best too
There were carnival games for the pooches and all kinds of booths to buy accessories
There was a jumping pool for aspiring Splash Dogs to give it a try
This poor lab just didn't 'get' it.
His staff person took many runs right up to the edge,
After tossing his toy in the water
And he was very encouraging of Poochie, but Poochie would not have it!

Another interesting activitiy was having your doggie walk through paint and then
create a Doggie Masterpiece.
Something precious to hang over the mantle I assume

I was impressed that we have an animal ambulance in the area.
This is good to keep in mind for the next time my dog pees on the tile floor
and I want to beat him within an inch of his life......

Then we have this little poodle who was campaigning for a local politician
I dont exactly know why he feels as though painting a dog will make anyone
feel confident in his Political Wisdom.... frankly, I forgot who it was already.

No, I did not bring Samson the Wonder Pooch.  He doesn't always play well with others.

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Reflections said...

Sounds like a fun day, sorry I missed it. I'm just down in the Santa Clarita Valley. Would have been fun.